mardi 4 juin 2013

Multitasking - A myth?

Following is an ongoing research that I'm doing for myself. it is not indented as a literature review but could be a good starting point for a more formal research experiment. Some references I have found are blogs, others are peer reviewed research articles. Most were useful for a newcomer, like me, trying to understand basic principles.

You have probably heard of the most common assumption associated with the new generation of students: multitasking. "They are multitasking. They are good at it and they feel good about it." However, there is a large body of research that demonstrates that all humans(new or old generation) are alike and are quite bad at multitasking. That does not mean that the next generation will be as bad as we are, it just means that at the moment we are not that good and should know about it.

I'm always looking for research supporting one or the other point of view and based on neurology or at least applying some basic neurology principles that go beyond self-reported surveys.

Here are a few links (I will eventually transform all this into a full APA style reference list):

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